Research Associate in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON

job description

The main purpose of this position is to conduct high-quality research within the ESRC-funded Center for Society and Mental Health at King’s College London. The center is a cross-faculty initiative between the Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Policy (SSPP) and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN).

You will work closely with Prof. Ben Geiger and Prof. Karen Glaser within the center’s Labor, Welfare Reform and Mental Health program and work closely with an interdisciplinary research team and the center’s academic and community partners. Your responsibilities will include conducting original analysis of large quantitative data sets to (i) examine the link between the changing nature of work and mental health and (ii) conduct other research within our strategic priorities (including among other things the impact of welfare reforms on mental health, assessments of work ability, work-welfare interactions and/or poverty and cost of living). Some analyzes require advanced longitudinal research and data management skills; Other analyzes may involve advanced quasi-experimental assessment designs or policy-relevant descriptive analyzes across multiple datasets.

In addition, you will be supported to develop independent research, including grant applications, under the supervision of the program leaders, explore collaborations with others to support the development of further externally funded research, publish articles in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals, and at national and international events showcase.

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The incumbent also has the opportunity to contribute to teaching and ministry both within the Center and in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. This may include conducting occasional lectures for undergraduate and graduate students in their field, assisting in the development of training courses at the Centre, and assisting in the supervision of masters and doctoral students.

This position is advertised for a limited period until December 31, 2024

This is a full time position

main responsibilities

• Conducting advanced statistical analysis of quantitative data under the overall direction of the program will lead to the testing of innovative hypotheses about the relationship between employment, social policy and mental health

• Leading the production of research papers and reports and the dissemination of findings in collaboration with other researchers

• Publish results in highly rated, internationally recognized journals, present papers at national and international conferences and participate in internationally recognized academic networks

• Develop own research interests with the support of the program leaders and conduct independent research linked to the priorities of the program and the center as agreed with the program leaders

• Contributing to the development, coordination and assessment of public engagement and pathways to impact across research programmes

• To carry out other relevant activities that may be requested by program leaders.

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• Prepare information about research progress and results and present it to supervisory bodies.

• Ensure close collaboration with, and continued input from, other platforms and programs and effective collaboration with broader academic and non-academic partners

• Attend, organize and contribute to relevant meetings, including center meetings and research seminars.

• Plan and conduct occasional lectures for undergraduate and graduate students and contribute to the development and delivery of training courses for the Center and Division of Global Health and Social Medicine in areas appropriate to their specialty, as agreed with the program leaders

• Commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, actively contributing to the Center’s ED&I activities and to the principles of Athena SWAN, Race Equality and Stonewall Charters.

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the job holder will be required to assume those duties and responsibilities that can reasonably be expected given the scope and grading of the job.

skills, knowledge and experience

Essential Criteria

1. PhD or in the final stages of PhD in a relevant area of ​​social sciences (e.g. social policy, economics, demography, sociology, social statistics, social epidemiology).

2. Advanced knowledge of current policy and research debates on welfare policy and/or employment

3. Knowledge of advanced statistical approaches and best practices in data management for longitudinal analysis of data

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4. Experience in analyzing quantitative data using advanced statistical, econometric or political assessment methods

5. Proven ability to work collaboratively with research teams including good interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships

6. Proven organizational and time management skills

7. Effective communication skills

8. Experience in presenting/disseminating research results

9. Experience in preparing and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals

10. Ambitious, enthusiastic, responsible, flexible

11. Ability to work independently and on schedule

Desirable Criteria

1. Knowledge of research at the interface between social sciences (e.g. social policy, economics or quantitative sociology) and mental health

2. Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques for policy evaluation using RCTs or quasi-experiments (e.g. difference-in-difference techniques)

3. Relevant previous experience of working on interdisciplinary and/or international research projects

4. A desire and ability to effectively communicate with and influence the broader research, business, NGO and policy communities

Please note that this is a PhD level role, but candidates who have submitted their dissertation and are awaiting award of their PhD will be considered. In this case, the position is in salary group 5, paragraph 30, with the title of scientific assistant. Upon confirmation of the PhD award, the job title becomes Research Associate and the salary increases to Grade 6.

Interviews will take place the week of October 11, 2022.

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