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N.Korea says it never supplied arms or ammunition to Russia – KCNA

North Korea said Thursday it has never supplied arms or ammunition to Russia, and has no plans to do so, while warning the United States to “shut up” and stop spreading rumors aimed at the to tarnish the country’s image. “Recently, the US and other hostile forces spoke about the ‘violation of a resolution’ of the US and spread a ‘rumor of arms deals’ between the DPRK and Russia… We have never exported any arms or ammunition to Russia before, and we will not plan.” to export them,” KCNA quoted the deputy director general of the Defense Department’s General Bureau of Equipment in a statement, without naming the official.

Pictures show North Korea could soon launch new missile submarine – think tank

North Korea may be preparing to launch a new submarine believed to be capable of launching ballistic missiles, a US-based think tank reported Thursday, citing commercial satellite imagery. Pictures from Sinpo South Shipyard on the country’s east coast on Sept. 18 showed six barges and ships gathered around the construction shed’s wharf, said 38 North, which monitors North Korea.

Zelenskyj calls for punishment of Russia, including renunciation of the UN veto

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on a special UN tribunal to impose “just punishments” on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, including fines and the removal of Moscow’s veto power in the Security Council. Zelenskyy’s recorded address to world leaders at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday came after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s first war mobilization since World War II. Moscow plans to recruit some 300,000 troops in an apparent escalation of its invasion of Ukraine, which began in February and has left thousands dead, millions displaced and cities reduced to rubble.

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Biden accuses Putin of irresponsible nuclear threats that violate the UN charter

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday accused Russia of “reckless” and “irresponsible” threats to use nuclear weapons and said Moscow violated the basic principles of membership of the United Nations by invading Ukraine. Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Biden criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for starting an unprovoked war, which some 40 UN members helped Ukraine fight by providing funds and weapons.

Brazilian Lula expects to sign a trade deal with the EU in six months if elected

Brazilian presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Wednesday he should reach an agreement on a trade deal between South America’s trading bloc Mercosur and the European Union within six months if he wins October’s presidential election. The former president and lead candidate told Canal Rural, a local broadcaster specializing in agriculture, that Brazil needs the deal and needs to export as much as possible, particularly in the agricultural sector.

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Biden, Britain’s truss pledges to protect Northern Ireland deal

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Liz Truss met in person for the first time on Wednesday and said they wanted to ensure the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland is protected. Biden and Truss, who met just days after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, sat down on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York for talks that also covered Ukraine.

Hurricane Fiona heads to Bermuda, up to 8 dead in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Fiona strengthened into a powerful Category 4 storm Wednesday as it headed toward Bermuda after carving a destructive path through the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, where the storm left most people without power and up to eight dead. After Fiona landed in Puerto Rico on Sunday, she caused devastating flooding and landslides on the island. Over the next two days, the storm picked up speed as it sped toward the Dominican Republic and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Malaria and disease are spreading rapidly in flood-stricken Pakistan

The death toll from malaria and other diseases that swept through Pakistan’s flood-stricken regions reached 324, authorities said on Wednesday. if no further help arrives.

Hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the floods lived outdoors. Standing floods that spread hundreds of miles can take two to six months to recede. They have already led to widespread cases of skin and eye infections, diarrhea, malaria, typhoid and dengue fever. (Graphic: )

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Former Honduran first lady sentenced to 14 years in prison for fraud

A Honduran court on Wednesday sentenced the country’s former first lady Rosa Bonilla to 14 years in prison for fraud and embezzlement of funds for social programs, a judiciary spokesman said. Bonilla, wife of former President Porfirio Lobo, gave about 12.2 million lempira (worth about $590 million at the time) to low-income children for personal credit card payments, their children’s school fees and construction of real estate, according to the Public Ministry out.

Iran protests are spreading, death toll rising as internet is curbed

Iranian authorities and a Kurdish rights group on Wednesday reported rising death tolls as anger over the death of a woman arrested by morality police fueled protests for a fifth day and new restrictions on social media were imposed. Iranian media and a local prosecutor said four people were killed in the past two days, bringing the total death toll to eight, including a police officer and a pro-government militia member, according to official sources.

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