RTB Fitness Club: How to kick-start 2023 on the right fitness path

New Zealand’s biggest fun run, Round the Bays 2023 is set for Sunday, March 5, and to prepare you item has opened RTB Fitness Club. This is an 8-week training program designed to get you fit and excited about your sport with a like-minded community, whether it’s running an event in Auckland or beyond. Each week we’ll bring you a story to inspire and educate you on your fitness journey. Join the RTB Fitness Club here.

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Heading into a new year might be the perfect time to reevaluate your fitness goals, but how can you make sure you’re on the right track to achieving them?

We asked our professional personal trainers for advice on the smartest way to enter 2023, to give you the best chance of achieving your fitness goals.

Set Goals Easily

Auckland-based coach David Kalopulu says it’s important to make your goals simple and achievable when starting out. If you’ve never run, you don’t want to aim for a 5km sprint on New Year’s Day.

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“Don’t expect too much from yourself, especially if you haven’t been into fitness in the past,” he said.

“It’s better to make small changes and want to do more than to adjust [the bar] too tall and scared to practice.”

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Kalopulu recommends that clients plan a minimum of what they can do in a week. Therefore, if you plan for two workouts, getting to the third is a success, while if you plan for four, only getting to three is a failure.

“The first scenario will increase motivation and the second will decrease motivation. The way you start will determine the perception,” he said.

David Kalopulu says it's important to start with simple, manageable goals when starting your fitness journey.


David Kalopulu says it’s important to start with simple, manageable goals when starting your fitness journey.

Start slowly

Online and personal trainer Bee Connon says there’s no need to wait to get started on your goals. There is no “magic” about the beginning of the year, he said.

Instead, he recommends making smaller actions your main goal, whether you want to lose weight or gain strength.

“Start by doing just one thing a day and slowly work your way up to that habit,” he says.

And it doesn’t need to be a huge milestone or an insurmountable obstacle. Simple things like eating five servings of vegetables a day are a good start. There’s no harm in starting with three servings if five feels like too much. Aim to drink a bottle of water during the day – sip it throughout the day instead of sculling at the last minute – and aim to go outside for 10 minutes a day for a walk in the sun.

“Too many people have an all-or-nothing approach, but it’s really consistency with intensity,” he says.

Personal trainer Bee Connon says it's important to break down your goals into actionable steps.


Personal trainer Bee Connon says it’s important to break down your goals into actionable steps.

Block out time and hold yourself accountable

Auckland-based coach Nick Williams says the key to building successful habits around exercise and diet is consistency, but to build that mindset you need to block out time in your diary, and be accountable for sticking to it.

“Something has to be sacrificed to block out time for exercise,” he says — even if what you’re sacrificing is hours of lounging on the couch.

By setting a specific time to exercise, and not scheduling anything else during that time, you are more likely to stick to the plan.

“There’s nothing else you do but exercise, wherever it suits you.”

Personal trainer Nick Williams says people should block out specific diary time for exercise, and hold themselves accountable.


Personal trainer Nick Williams says people should block out specific diary time for exercise, and hold themselves accountable.

“It’s easy to wing it and go, ‘I’ve got to do this’,” he says, but if you don’t make sure the time is organized, there’s a good chance the three-session plan will end up being one, or maybe less.

What is RTB Fitness Club?

item has opened RTB Fitness Club with coach Bevan James Eyles to help Kiwis excited about fitness, build long-term habits to stay motivated and connect with like-minded people. Whether you have bought an entry to join us on the day in Auckland, or are locked in to take part for real – we welcome you to connect and also be part of this club. Once you have purchased your entry for the race, you will have the option to also join the RTB Fitness Club.

For $25 you will get:

  • An 8-week walking, walking or jogging training program

  • Weekly video tutorials with Bevan

  • Weekly live Q&A with Bevan

  • Strength and stretching components to prevent injury

  • Access to RTB Fitness Club’s exclusive Facebook group

The first 250 people to join the club will get a FREE Under Armor T-shirt. Join the club here.


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