Sedalia Police Reports For September 21, 2022

This article has been compiled from the reports of the Sedalia Police Department.

On Tuesday evening, officers conducted a vehicle stop at West Main Street and South Quincy Avenue. The driver’s information was verified by dispatch, and it was confirmed that he did not have valid medical marijuana status. Officers conducted a search for the possible cause of the vehicle and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside. Joshua A. Cormican, 21, of Sedalia, was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Cormican was transported to the Pettis County Jail to be charged and released.

Officials responded to the 500 block of East Jackson Street Tuesday night in relation to a report of a suspected trailer. The complainant stated that the caravan had been parked in front of the house for about a week. Officers tried unsuccessfully to contact the owner. The trailer was towed from the scene and a general intelligence report was created.

On Monday night, officials responded to the 700 block of East 14th Street regarding a report of child molestation. Ashley Ann Stoney reported that a teenage boy’s father refused to take him in or care for him. Officers contacted the father, who continued to refuse to take care of the youth. Officials contacted the mother, who was abroad. The mother was able to make suitable arrangements for the youth. The call to the Child Abuse Hotline was made and a state charge is pending.

Sedalia police have been dispatched to a property damage report that likely happened Tuesday morning in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot, 4001 West Broadway Boulevard. A TSWT Acquisition employee said it appeared that someone had drilled a hole in the fuel tank of their work vehicle, causing fuel to leak out. The estimated cost of repairing the tank was $500.

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On the night of September 15, officers observed a moped traveling westbound on West 16th Street, zipping back and forth between the two westbound lanes. The moped then spun to the right and rolled over a curb. The moped then pulled back onto West 16th Street and swerved. The moped pulled into the east lane. A traffic stop was conducted in the West Main Street and West 16th Street area. During the course of the investigation, it was found that the driver was intoxicated. The driver was injured from falling off the moped and PCAD was called, but he refused medical attention. Artur Rudishin, 23 from Sedalia, was arrested for drunk driving (pre-offending). Rudishin was taken to the Sedalia police station, where he refused to provide a breath sample. A search warrant was obtained and blood was drawn. Rudishin was discharged from the hospital, where his injuries were treated.

Sedalia Police were dispatched to Scott Joplin Courthouse over a disturbance Tuesday morning. When officers arrived, they spoke to two subjects. There were no injuries and officers could not identify a primary physical attacker. The male agreed to go for the night. A 12-hour log was created.

Sedalia police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle late Tuesday night for failing to stop at a stop sign. Contact was made with the occupants of the vehicle. Your information has been verified with Dispatch. The passenger was found to have an active municipal arrest warrant for failure to appear on the original expired license plate charges. Erika Doroshay Thomas, 22, of Sedalia, was arrested and held in the Pettis County Jail pending $89 bail.

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Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of West 6th Street in relation to a domestic riot Tuesday afternoon. A 12-hour logbook was created to document the domestic portion. A person identified at the home showed an active warrant from the city of Sedalia for a no-show on the original ‘no insurance’ charge. Victoria A. Ball, 27, of Sedalia, was arrested and taken to the Pettis County Jail pending $147.00 bail.

Sedalia Police were dispatched with other first responders to the intersection of West Broadway Boulevard and South State Fair Boulevard Tuesday afternoon in relation to a personal injury accident. Multiple marijuana blunts were found in one of the vehicles during the accident investigation. They were confiscated for destruction.

Officers were contacted by Nicole L. Hutchings Tuesday morning for harassment and injury to an ex-parte. Hutchings reported that she received thirty to fifty text messages the previous day while working at McCarthy Toyota, 3110 West Broadway Boulevard. Hutchings said she had received 15 text messages from the person that day since she arrived in Sedalia from her address in the county. There is a temporary protection order, ex parte, served on the suspect.

Officials picked up a lost property report Tuesday afternoon at the 2500 block of Plaza Avenue. John R. Schmidt stated that earlier in the day he lost his wallet in the area of ​​Woods Supermarket, 1400 South Limit Avenue. The wallet was not restored.

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During a forensic interview on the morning of August 10, a child victim provided additional information about an incident of sexual abuse several years earlier. An investigation was initiated and a tip was sent to the youth welfare office.

Sedalia police reported a disturbance to the State Fair Shopping Center on the afternoon of September 15. Contact has been made with an involved subject. A review by Dispatch revealed that she had an active warrant for her arrest from Kansas. Ashley Nicole Allen, 34, homeless, was arrested and taken to the Pettis County Jail where she was placed on a warrant. A state indictment for out-of-state fugitives has been filed with the Pettis County Attorney’s Office.

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