Suspect with mental health issues facing 8 charges

Police are responding to an incident in which a man barricaded himself inside a Prior Lake home Friday. (FOX 9)

Police are recommending eight charges against a man who fled from officers and then barricaded himself in a family home, leading to a roughly nine-hour standoff with law enforcement in Prior Lake on Friday.

Investigators believe the 31-year-old man is homeless and has mental health issues. He was known to law enforcement — police say he was previously wanted on warrants for first-degree burglary and fleeing police in a car related to an incident in March.

Police are asking the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office to charge him with the following counts from Friday’s incident:

  • 1st degree theft
  • 1 degree property damage
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Fleeing on foot
  • Giving false information to the police
  • Threats of violence
  • Obstruction by force
  • Reckless discharge of a firearm
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FOX 9 is not releasing the names of the suspects until they are formally charged. The man was evaluated at a nearby hospital and remains in the Scott County Jail, where police say he was uncooperative with the booking process Saturday.

No one was injured during the incident.

Dumpster diving with a gun

The incident began at 1:20 p.m. Friday when officers were called to the Kwik Drive off Fish Point Road in Prior Lake for a report of a man acting erratically going through dumpsters, Lake Police Chief Steve told reporters. Press conference.

Officers arrived and tried to talk to the man as he dug through a dumpster, but police said he attacked an officer and then tried to pull a gun from his waistband. According to police, one of the officers deployed a Taser and the man took off running with the officers close behind.

The man fled on foot, with the officers close behind. The man approached the home in the 1600 block of Windsor Lasse and crept through an open garage door before entering the house through a service door, according to Frazier.

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The family was at home. “There was this dynamic, quick meeting where when they saw the uniforms and saw this strange man in their house, they did what was really amazing to me. “They evacuated themselves, the children, the parents and the dog out of the house and brought themselves to safety,” Fraser said.

The man and the officers exchanged words, with the man pointing the firearm inside the home, Frazier said. The officers then retreated and called in the SWAT team, leading to a standoff.

A nine-hour standoff

Frazier said officers surrounded the home and the Tri-City SWAT team, which has members from all departments in Carver County and Scott County, responded, as did officers from several surrounding departments, making a total of about 70-75 law enforcement personnel. . .

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Fraser said the man fired several shots inside the home, shooting through windows and walls. Investigators are still working to determine how many shots were fired and if the suspect had access to the guns that were in the home. Police don’t know if he was trying to attack officers.

“We had officers obviously very close and all around the home, so if I was shooting through a wall or a window, I would say it’s too close,” Fraser said.

The man surrounded him the next morning. Fraser called it an example of de-escalation by police negotiators.

“They talked him through a series of calls, sometimes good communication, sometimes bad, and eventually got him to realize that a peaceful surrender was the best outcome and the best response,” he said.

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