The 10 Best Eye Masks, Patches, and Gels in Beauty Right Now

September – perhaps because it is the Virgo season – has always been a symbol of order and routine. With personal work schedules slowly coming back to life, New York Fashion Week, the Emmy Awards and the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals in the rearview mirror, it’s no wonder this month has felt like a never-ending back-to-school whirlwind. even years after graduation.

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Oh yeah, and don’t forget your social life.

Both shores were packed with late-night celebrations, libations and endless evening gossip (which, of course, only makes sense after more than two glasses of wine). A few hours later, there’s still an early morning meeting or an inbox that shows no mercy for your sleep deprivation, unintentional hangover, or simply being socially burned out. We all have our own specific tools for the body the next day — whether it’s a workout, meditation, or triple espresso — but what about your face that’s out way late every night this weekend? Lack of sleep, dieting or drinking alcohol dry out your skin and make your dark circles and crow’s feet appear as prominent as a new Fendi baguette on the runway.

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Estheticians and dermatologists agree that masks, gels and patches are quick and smart solutions to puffiness, dryness or tired eyes. There are currently several hundred strains on the market – and we recently tested the top choices and then narrowed them down to a curated list of the most effective products.

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This is our pick for a desert island (especially if Brad Pitt happens to be on that island). In all seriousness, it’s one of our favorites for firming and firming, largely because the compositions — retinol, high-quality hyaluronic acid, and extensive botanical extracts — not only respond well to skin around the eyes, the luminosity and elasticity lasts day-long. Most eye masks keep the eye area looking fabulous and plumped up for a few hours; Maybe that’s all you need, but if you want maximum moisture and visible results, it’s something to consider. Beauticians recommend using the mask as the last skin care step 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time to dawdle – but we’ve still seen results with once-a-week use.

We fell in love with Chanel’s eye mask because after application, the skin around the eyes looked dewy and soft with a legitimate glow. This two-step application uses a rollerball applicator for the serum itself, which you then cover with hydrogel patches. The result has never been tight or uncomfortably tight and sticky and will definitely be a mainstay in our beauty regimen.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

It’s natural to thoroughly test different strengths of Retin-A or Retinol — we do, and we do often. However, what doesn’t go down well is that our skin dries out during testing. Dempsey’s eye masks are super hydrating and immensely soothing, bringing soothing relief to the eye area. It’s also one of the best eye masks for reviving a tired and lackluster eye area before applying makeup (what else can you expect from a lauded MUA that’s dealt with this issue more times than she can count?). The eye mask can be applied seamlessly and still contains enough milky prebiotic serum to also distribute it on frown lines and forehead.

Not only can sleepless nights leave you feeling bloated the next morning, but it can also make your face look like it’s retaining excess water. MBR created these healing eye patches that lift, tighten and firm the upper eyelids (cell proliferation migrates even when applied under the eye) and crow’s feet. The patches use a combination of seaweed extract, panthenol B5, caffeine and hyaluronic acid to make you look like you’ve slept for ten hours and hit the gym – instead of crashing into your bed at 4am. An additional plus: they are light and very easy to apply.

Two beauty experts we’ve trusted over the years are respected dermatologists Dr. Jessica Wu and Kristie Streicher – the latter is an eyebrow expert and founder of West Coast eyebrow salon STRIIKE. Both rate these eye gels as their absolute favourite. Personally, we found Skyn’s eye gels to feel great (there was an intensely calming, cooling effect) with super-fast results that last all day. dr Wu, the board-certified doctor and Harvard Medical School graduate, also endorses the benefits of these eye-friendly patches. “They’re easy to incorporate into your morning schedule,” says Wu. “Keep them in the fridge and when you need to depuff quickly, put them on in the morning while brushing your teeth and having breakfast.” They contain a peptide called acetylhexapeptide-8 along with angelica extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling.”

Say goodbye to your fine lines because the power of this eye mask lies in its firming ability. It tightens and minimizes fine lines around the eyes without feeling too heavy. As with most eye masks, you don’t wash off the liquid formula after you apply it – and it feels wonderful and cool on the skin. Unlike most eye masks, there is no strong feeling of residue afterwards.

This is the absolute winner for the eye mask with the most brightening power. Beverly Hills-based RN and rejuvenation specialist Nousha Salimi recently recommended this to us, lovingly calling it her secret weapon for rejuvenated eyes in under 15 minutes. The Fusion blends a robust blend of diamond powder, niacinamide and coenzyme Q10 to quickly and hours of revitalization around the eye area. We agree and think this is a smart investment for those who suffer from dark circles or just want their eye area to look healthy and awake.

This eye mask provides instant relief and literally stops your wrinkles temporarily. The formulation contains a peptide called Argirelin, which prevents muscle movement and gives the appearance of a rested eye area for several hours. There is also retinol in the composition to support brightness and lines.

we would have indulge in this red carpet – and were not disappointed. The thin, clear gel masks are very easy and comfortable to apply after gently maneuvering them under and around the eye area. You can also layer this mask under Vargas anti-aging sheet mask, but we preferred to test it alone for unique results. After one application, the wrinkles around my eyes were gone, even when I smiled very, very broadly (and I find it very difficult to smile broadly thanks to Botox). We put them in the fridge overnight during the recent LA heatwave for a cooling effect.

The last time I used this product was during a four day marathon of morning and night events. Of course my skin – especially the eye area – was exhausted, tired and needed a boost. Zamani’s mask not only feels refreshing and cooling, but also gives the skin a beautiful glow. I was amazed at how rested I looked after applying. The Hydra-Bright Eye Treatment Mask should be used twice a week for 15 minutes; its proprietary blend of collagen, chamomile, seaweed and niacinamide ticks all the boxes to properly lift, lift and plump.

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