The Ayurveda Experience Disrupts the Global Ayurveda Industry to Become the Largest Ayurvedic House of Brands Internationally

NEW DELHI, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) India-based global Ayurveda platform, The Ayurveda Experience, is today the largest digital platform promoting a wide range of Ayurveda-based products in North America, Australia and Europe with a growing presence in India. With a range of personal care products covering skin, hair, body care, nutritional supplements as well as food & beverage and even educational courses, the company has been marketing in the US, Canada and Australia for over half a decade and now also has a presence across Europe and the UK. This Ayurveda-based conglomerate was founded by Rishabh Chopra in 2010 and has since grown to serve more than 600,000 clients worldwide. Its revenue exceeded INR 1.9 billion in the trailing 12 months and sales increased by more than 44% across multiple categories in which the company operates such as skin care, personal care, hair care and dietary supplements in FY22 compared to FY21 , which made the demand for its powerful Ayurvedic products exceedingly evident. For the current financial year, The Ayurveda Experience is currently registering a turnover rate of approximately INR 2.4 billion. Through thoughtful and impactful promotional and educational efforts, The Ayurveda Experience has managed to accomplish an unprecedented feat – in North America and Australia, more people visit The Ayurveda Experience’s website than search for Ayurveda keywords. Over 97.5% of product sales are generated from proprietary, wholly owned platforms operating in multiple countries. His tailored and highly efficient content-based communication has introduced Ayurveda to a large audience around the world, especially to those who did not even know Ayurveda before! “We are trying to solve certain key issues in spreading Ayurveda globally, including educating global audiences about Ayurveda, solving digital and offline distribution, manufacturing products that comply with the laws of multiple countries, ensuring the highest… Standards of herbs as well as the standardization of the end product, and above all potency. Ayurveda is about being the best version of yourself, living the best possible life one can possibly live from a mental, physical and general health perspective. What could be a more productive reason to work on? This is what motivates us to come to work every day to spread the awareness, products and services of this greatest gift of India to the world,” says Mr. Rishabh Chopra, Founder and CEO of The Ayurveda Experience. The Ayurveda Experience has been able to combine the best of Ayurveda, analytics, technology, research and development, and compliance with international regulations to create a highly holistic consumer experience. Call it a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology, where the range of Ayurveda-based products has been specially curated to meet the needs of modern customers interested in discovering authentic and effective natural alternatives to well-being. Accordingly, The Ayurveda Experience offers an extensive range of skin, body and hair care, F&B products, dietary supplements as well as instructional videos and courses. iYURA, The Ayurveda Experience’s flagship brand in North America, Australia and Europe, is the first and probably only brand in the world to take traditional folk art and present it as the core of brand identity in global markets. iYURA products are adorned with original handmade artworks created by local Madhubani artists and transformed into eye-catching product packaging by the company. This not only supports local folk artists, but also helps the brand represent India’s authentic, true cultural heritage and bring more of its hidden gems to light worldwide. Her other brands include Ajara, a line of Ayurvedic-inspired skincare products. ModernicaNaturalis offers a range of modern Ayurvedic skincare, luxury bath and body care products free from harmful chemicals, as well as the Ayuttva range of F&B products. From authentic, traditional Ayurvedic oils to body lotions and serums, medicated hair and skin care products to functional nutrition bars and snacks, The Ayurveda Experience is a one-stop shop for everything Ayurveda! Being authentic to the roots is a prominent factor that plays a role for India-based brands to create a credible image around the world. About The Ayurveda Experience The Ayurveda Experience is an Ayurvedic health and wellness platform and brand house headquartered in Gurugram, India with four Ayurveda brands in the areas of skin care, body care, personal care, food and beverage, nutritional supplements and education – iYURA, A. Modernica, Ajara and Ayuttva. The Ayurveda Experience is the largest global house of Ayurveda brands and the most prominent (both in terms of size and visitors) Ayurveda-focused platform in North America, Europe and Australia. Over 600,000 customers from over 150 countries worldwide have enjoyed their products and services. Ayurveda Experience’s holding company, Transformative Learning Solutions, was established in 2010 and the team has always strived to bring the best of India’s ideas to the world.

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