‘The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship’—Psychotherapist Helps Entrepreneurs With Burnout

Shanna A Jefferson knows a thing or two about burnout at work.

The committed psychotherapist and business coach has built a company that rethinks entrepreneurs dealing with burnout so that they can develop their full potential.

Traveling from Allendale, SC to Atlanta, Jefferson experienced severe burnout while establishing her mental health practice. Her own mental health had taken a hit as she not only grew her business but also ensured its sustainability.

“I never intended to do anything in Atlanta other than maybe visit,” Jefferson said The Higher South.

“However, a few months after starting my third office, I was tired. I was drained. I felt burned out. i felt lost I felt stuck. I felt alone.”

“Financially, the business turnover at that time was at its highest level to date. However, I’ve also fought insurance companies for reimbursements, resulting in inconsistent cash flow, which of course is essential to the sustainability of any business,” she continued.

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Seven books later, Jefferson has established her brand in Atlanta, offering a wealth of services including motivational talks, business coaching, mental wellness checkups, strategy sessions, and self-care assessments. She coined “The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship” to best describe her experience of mental and physical exhaustion.

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Jefferson overcame her challenges by seeking expert advice and helping others overcome adversity to achieve greatness.

According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, 49% of entrepreneurs are directly involved with mental health issues, while only 32% of others have been affected. As a licensed clinical social worker in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, Jefferson says most entrepreneurs are drained for these key reasons: feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, financial stress, self-doubt, and lack of sustainable business practices.

“Focused on personal development, mental prosperity and sustainable business practices, my journey to becoming a business coach has manifested as a result of my personal experiences as a business owner as well as my connection to entrepreneurs as I connected throughout Atlanta, including while hosting The Visions of Greatness Talk Show,” Jefferson explained per The Higher South.

“The right mindset is very important in entrepreneurship and I cannot stress it enough. As an entrepreneur, you will go through many ups and downs, and how you navigate those disruptions will show you how to move forward,” she added.

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