This Two-Exercise Cardio Challenge Will Give You Grit and Gains

The dictionary defines grit as “strength of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of need or danger”. Psychologists who define determination as a personality trait come pretty close to the same definition, ending up with “passion and persistence to achieve a goal despite facing significant obstacles and distractions.”

While some consider grit to be an innate personality trait – one you either have or don’t have – the good news is that many psychologists believe grit can be actively trained and developed. By consciously throwing ourselves into “controlled distress” and practicing the art of perseverance — striving for a greater purpose, beating constant self-talk, endlessly advocating the logic of giving up — we can strengthen our resolve in much the same way we would our biceps strengthen.

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This workout aims to do just that, by providing you with an end goal but giving you the freedom to choose how long it takes you to get there. You’ll be asked to choose between a short-term burst of tremendous effort and willpower, or a long and grueling trek to the finish line (if you don’t give up first).

Your goal is to do 100 burpees, easy, right? Not easy. But definitely easy.

The catch is, before you even start doing those burpees, you do a 10-calorie sprint on the airbike — a sprint you do at the beginning of each minute before continuing with those burpees. Your choices here are to either go slow on these sprints, giving yourself a tiny window in which you’ll be doing minimal burpees, and progressively extend this workout as you tire, or put in the effort to sprint hard, full-on to go on the burpees and be done before the first bead of sweat has formed.

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How dirty can you get?

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Airbike x 10 calorie sprint

              Setup on the bike – your back should be straight and the saddle adjusted so that you have a slight knee bend at the bottom of your bike (A). Do a maximum effort sprint until the display shows 10 kcal, keep your torso and head up and control your breathing (B). Try not to lash out, stay self-centered, and still conserve energy. Push the first few calories as hard as you can, then adjust to your pace. Remember, the slower you drive, the longer this will take.

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              Burpee x 10

              Get off the bike, squat down and place both hands on the floor between your feet. Jump your feet back into the top of a push-up and lower your chest to the floor (A). Extend your arms and hop your feet forward before leaping in the air with your hands on your head (B). Stay focused and work your way through these until the buzzer sounds.

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