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The university is not just a place where you spend three to four years of your life. It is a journey of your transformation. Each student has their own goals to achieve, but for a young graduate Lawrence University – it was the opportunity to do research abroad.

They were part of a field trip to Jamaica led by Lawrence University.Chandler Senior Experience‘, an independent project of the student’s choice. It could be a research project, a creative work or even a performance. The student had the opportunity to conduct research in an area that further enhanced his experience of working internationally as well as networking outside the US. “It was very comforting to know that I used Lawrence’s resources and support to help with my future,” they said.

Lawrence University

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Research opportunities also brought neuroscience as a major moeka all the way from Japan to Winsconsin, where Lawrence University is located. “I’m doing a study on the relationship between mental health and gut bacteria, and Lawrence University gave me the opportunity to do research in both of these areas,” she explains, noting how the university enables students to pursue their passions.

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Around 1,500 students from 40 countries attend the private liberal arts college – they make up 15% of the student body. Here they are guaranteed a low supervision ratio (8:1), which gives them the opportunity to work closely with professors. isha, a biochemistry and psychology student from India, chose Lawrence University for precisely this reason. She shares that the small size and abundance of research opportunities made her love her time here. The icing on the cake is that her professors are approachable and nice.

Not many liberal arts colleges have a first-year requirement like Lawrence University. That “Studies in the first year of study’ – a two-semester introductory course in liberal arts and science – not only allows students to explore subjects outside of their major, but also connects them with students who will soon be venturing into completely different fields. You can explore a wide range of subjects, from old plays and graphic novels to jazz albums and the periodic table.

“My favorite part of Freshman Studies (as the program used to be called) was the discussion. I loved that they grouped us with 15 students we probably wouldn’t have gotten together with, all from different music areas or college majors. It definitely allowed me to see other points of view and change my own way of thinking,” says a recent Studio Art graduate.

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That doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually carve your own path to a unique educational path at Lawrence University. Whether you join the world class College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the awardee Music Conservatory there are many things you can do to use your skills and pursue your passion such as: London center or Intern at leading companies.

Lawrence University

Source: Lawrence University

Preparing for the competitive workforce is crucial for most, if not all, students — which is why the New York native Taeen Jidaan chose Lawrence University. “The reason I came to Lawrence University is because the school teaches me about leadership. For example, I am co-president of the Student organization for university programming and Lawrentians encourage diversity in the sciences,” he says. “Those two clubs taught me how to be a leader to the people. It’s basically a skill I’ve never learned before.”

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What set Vietnam-born April apart at Lawrence University was her international student community: “I get to make friends with a lot of people from all over the world and learn about other cultures.”

In fact, Lawrence University is the natural choice for international students. Besides being in the top 50 List of Best Colleges for Undergraduate Tuition, University also allows prospective Lawrence University international students Chat with current international students. Being able to connect directly with these “international ambassadors” will help allay many concerns such as funding, course structure, and student experience that the applicant may have.

Don’t worry you’ve never been to the US, Lawrence University offers excellent student support – international students can sign up for them Friendship Family Program. It is a volunteer program that enhances students’ experience by pairing them with a local family so they can experience typical American family life, learn about the culture, and participate in local traditions.

If you see a future for yourself in the liberal arts, think about it applies at Lawrence University.

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