University of the Arts London presents 10 design and interiors projects

Dezeen School Shows: a series of interviews in which emerging artists share their skills and a furnishing project that encourages emotional attachment to material objects are included in Dezeen’s latest school exhibition by students from University of the Arts London.

Also included is a medical building informed by glass slides used in microbiology, and an esports app where users can discover the backstories of players and teams.

Institution: University of the Arts London
School: Chelsea College of Arts
Courses: BA (Hons) Fine Arts, BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication, BA (Hons) Interior Design, BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design and BA (Hons) Textile Design

school statement:

“Chelsea College of Arts has a reputation for producing some of today’s leading artists and designers. Our classes focus on material-based inquiry and the creative process.

“We offer art, design and curating courses. At Chelsea we look at art and design in a social, cultural and political context. We are particularly interested in the effects of globalization. This can either relate to the creative practice itself or its response to it.

“View the work of our recent graduates online at the Graduate Showcase website.

“Join our open house online and onsite to learn more about Chelsea College of Arts and our courses.”

Rendering of an open air cinema at night by a University of the Arts London student

Bright Brighton from Seho Park

“The project aims to revitalize the streets of New England to close the psychological distance between space and people and create a space where many people can have fun and relax.

“By changing the overall atmosphere of the space, a space is created where the residents and users who use it can carry out various projects and events. The road leading to the site, the car park and the Brighton Greenway are designed to be used by those entering and exiting the space.

“This building was built on the basis of wood, stone and rock that exist on site. Instead of throwing away the old covered wood and stones, new materials are recycled in this space, reducing waste and making building materials easier to supply.”

University student: Seho Park
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

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Render of a home interior with hanging clothes

House of Memories by Nicole Rambla Bedwell

“House of Memories aims to recognize emotional attachment to everyday objects as sustained behavior through artistic and cultural contexts.

“In a fast-moving society full of machines that do things ‘quickly and outside of the natural rhythm of life,’ as poet May Sarton quotes it, people develop forgetful behavior. This makes replacing a product much easier.

“Together with the virtual house, House of Memories aims to reach as many people as possible, to encourage more people to remember their physical memories.”

University student: Nicole Rambla Bedwell
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

Sectional drawing of a two storey public building by a student at the University of the Arts London

Celo Cellulae by Antoinette Onelum

“The structure of this project focuses on how lesser known conditions like sickle cell disease (SCD) can be taught and become part of a larger conversation that doesn’t exclude anyone.

“Because the laboratory is at the heart of the design proposal, this part of the space is directly affected by glass slides used in microbiology.

“Iteration defines the structures to be created, which are inspired by an eleven-sided shape – the hendecagon – as it is the eleventh chromosome linked to SCD.

“The use of color, pattern and light transmission helped achieve a design result that allows the user to experience the programs both spatially and educationally.”

University student: Antoinette Onelum
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

Dark red plastic object hanging in a white gallery space

Meta-Museum by Nicholas Benjamin

“The Meta Museum is a virtual reality space that compiles 3D scan data of art and cultural objects from around the world and displays them for everyone to see. This includes any Scan The World item whose content is instantly in the millions.

“The Meta Museum also leverages its digital environment by implementing several features that would be impossible to show in a real space.

“This includes navigating in space, as space can now become non-Euclidean, allowing for efficient and creative ways of getting around.

“Alongside this innovative navigation mode, there will be three new core features, including the ability to destroy the museum artifacts, zoom in and out at will, and age or age the objects.”

University student: Nicholas Benjamin
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

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Rendering of a curved wooden building in a meadow by a student at University of the Arts London

Esthesis by Sinead O’Donnell

“Esthesis, which means sensation in Latin, is an experiential health project that redefines the process of designing mental health facilities by considering the connection between body, mind and space as a fundamental factor in the healing process.

“This project is a proposed design for the Denis Hill Unit at Bethlem Hospital, the oldest psychiatric hospital in the world.

“It has negative connotations due to past patient abuse caused by a lack of understanding of mental illness.

“This narrative is rewritten by creating healing experiences and using social design to introduce a community center within the facility, with the goal of breaking the stigma around the conditions and the stigma around the buildings themselves, and increasing support for the community raise.”

University student: Sinead O’Donnell
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

Two brightly colored purple and pink posters on a light blue background by a student at University of the Arts London

637 years of experience by Kacper Przybylski

“We’ve all grown much further apart in the post-pandemic as we moved into a more digital world where the physicality of meeting diminished.

“Przybylski’s goal was to meet some of the greatest talent out there before graduating. The task was simple, meet and chat over coffee.

“Przybylski didn’t know what to expect but quickly found it to be one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. It was a privilege to meet 637 years of experience.”

University student: Kapper Przybylski
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication

Desktop screen showing web page design by a University of the Arts London student

Whisper by Miguel Bobiles

“Wisper is a brand new database app dedicated to advancing the rich world of gaming and esports.

“Wisper provides esports fans and gamers with a simple platform to discover the backstories of hundreds of players, teams, characters and more.

“Whether you’re looking for the latest schedule or the latest news, you can find it all in Wisper. But beyond esports, Wisper is the design blueprint for what databases could really become.”

University student: Miguel Bobiles
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication

Cream colored poster with a light pink and orange gradient circle on a black background

Good Days Project – 222 Poster Series by Michaela Hope

“This project is a series of posters exploring the words and colors 222 people associate with a good day.

“Each design is based on the answers to three questions. First, what is one thing – a word, an object, a symbol, etc. – that you personally associate with a good day?

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“Second, what is the main color you associate with a good day? And finally, what color do you feel on a good day?

“Like singer SZA, I had ‘good days on my mind’. Inspired by SZA’s idyllic song, I wanted to explore and deepen the embodiment of a good day, with a particular interest in exploring the connection between color and emotion.”

University student: Michaela hope
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication

Photographs and a tattooed person with their hands in front of their face and a ring in a flower arrangement

Hands On with Eliot W Everton by Eliot W Everton

“Hands On With Eliot W. Everton is an interview series that brings diverse new and emerging artists, designers and makers hands-on in their workshops and studios.

“The project aims to support emerging creatives in a competitive industry and to diversify the creative sector. Hosted by Eliot Everton, a multidisciplinary designer and maker specializing in jewellery, furniture and products.

“Each episode, Everton is shown a new skill or technique by the guest and learns about their specific creative discipline.

“Following the interviews, Everton are using their background in jewelery to craft a unique and bespoke ring that combines their skills with those of the guest in a confluence of disciplines.”

University student: Eliot W Everton
Course: BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design

Collage of photos of a handmade architectural model

Backstage Comedy Center by Zhuang Zhu

“How long has it been since loud laughter filled the air? Since the mass cancellation of outdoor performances in 2020, laughter has instantly evaporated from the city.

“In this comedy hub, everyone is their own comedy protagonist in life, so not only is there a collective hub on the stage, but every common area, like chairs and tables, can also be used for the performance.

“The Backstage Comedy Center project aims to create a spirit that can also be embodied in public spaces in the future.”

University student: ZhuangZhu
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

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