Virtual fitness is so last year! Google predicts the workout trends set to take 2023 by storm

CrossFit is one of the fitness trends with the highest interest.

CrossFit is one of the fitness trends with the highest interest.

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  • New research by PureGym has revealed the fitness trends that will dominate 2023.
  • The 12-3-30 training method is the top trending trend in 2023, with a 309% spike in interest over the past year.
  • Traditional methods of exercise like Pilates and yoga have increased by 84%, with online training continuing to decrease in interest every year.

Looking for a new and fun way to stay fit? As part of its newly released annual Fitness Report, PureGym has re-announced its prediction of exercise trends that will take the new year by storm. And it looks like the viral 12-3-30 workout will be the way to go for fitness fanatics.

By analyzing the number of monthly Google searches for more than 120 different fitness trends compared to the same period a year ago, PureGym has detailed which ones are seeing the biggest spikes as we approach 2023.

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Take the top spot

The 12-3-30 workout took the top spot as the fitness trend that saw the biggest increase in search as it reached the end of 2022, with a 309% year-over-year spike in interest.

This may not come as a surprise to many people, as the workout went viral on TikTok earlier this year when creator Lauren Giraldo announced that she set her treadmill to a 12% incline and ran at a speed of 3 miles (about 4.8 km). every hour, for 30 minutes, the workout is much harder than it sounds!

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With over 119 million views on the platform, PureGym personal trainer Laura Eaton shares her thoughts on training and tips for following it safely:

Walking is already an excellent cardiovascular activity and increasing the incline creates a greater heart rate – improving cardiovascular health and endurance. This exercise is also gentler on the joints than walking or jogging, making it a good choice for different age groups and fitness levels.

It’s also good for people who experience gym anxiety, says Eaton, because you can walk through the door and jump right onto the treadmill and build up your confidence in the gym.

He added: “I would advise anyone with back pain or very tight calves to avoid working out on a treadmill, but for fit people, don’t hold onto the handles so you can straighten your body and make it more of a challenge.”

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The second fastest growing fitness trend

With an impressive 173.21% increase in interest, CrossFit ranks as the second fastest growing fitness trend, thanks to its renewed popularity.

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A high-intensity functional training style that has gained a cult following since its inception in California in 2000, CrossFit concentrates on 10 key physical attributes, from stamina and strength to agility and balance. CrossFit also uses a group training setting that has created a similar community of fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Elsewhere, the top 20 includes some other specific training trends, such as twerking classes (+ 125% increase in interest) and Everesting (+83.33%) – a trend in which cyclists and runners form their training to go up and down in a number that equal. until he has ‘climbed’ the distance of the highest mountain in the world.

More traditional practices are also making a comeback, with Pilates up 83.60% year-on-year and yoga up 49.72%.

Overall, the 20 fitness trends with the highest interest are:

  • 1. 12-3-30 practice
  • 2. CrossFit
  • 3. Twerking class
  • 4. 75 soft
  • 5. Hyrox
  • 6. Sports Jazz
  • 7. Fitness stroller
  • 8. Pilates
  • 9. Walk sideways
  • 10. Everesting
  • 11. Floating yoga
  • 12. Indoor surfing
  • 13. Take a walk
  • 14. Yoga
  • 15. Rock climbing
  • 16. Calisthenics
  • 17. F45
  • 18. ZUU
  • 19. Breathe
  • 20. Outdoor fitness

Similar to PureGym’s findings last year, the popularity of glute training is not accelerating, with interest increasing year on year (+22%). This crowns the glutes as the part of the body that global fitness enthusiasts are most interested in building, followed by the shoulders and calves. At the other end of the scale, having sculpted abs appears to be less of a focus in 2023, with interest down 18% on last year.

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For every new trend that comes in, old trends must follow. The world of virtual fitness continues to lose major interest as we move away from the pandemic, with virtual fitness challenges (-45.76%), outdoor personal trainers (-45.45%), and virtual fitness classes (-45.45%) all seeing the biggest falls in interest.

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym, comments:

This is the second year we’ve explored fitness trends, and it’s interesting to see how they change over time and their impact. It is clear that TikTok has an amazing ability to create viral trends and people are looking for new and new ways to increase activity – Twerking classes are not something I have seen before, but if they make people move and increase. That heart rate – we’re all for it!

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