Washington Post report blasted for stating ‘the obvious’ about benefits of exercise on COVID 2 years later

A Washington Post report claiming that exercise reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 was mocked online Wednesday for its “clear confirmation” while correcting critics who oppose gym closures during the pandemic.

In a section titled “Regular exercise protects against fatal COVID, new study shows,” Washington Post health columnist Gretchen Reynolds cited what she called an “eye-opening study” that found that exercise, even in the smallest amounts, reduces risk. from being infected with severe coronavirus.

“Men and women who work at least 30 minutes a day are about four times more likely to survive covid-19 than those who are inactive,” Reynolds wrote, adding “even those who work for 11 minutes a week — yes, a week — have a lower risk of hospitalization or death from COVID than those who move less.”


The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, examined the impact of physical inactivity on COVID-19 outcomes.

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The findings, Reynolds wrote, “add to the growing body of evidence that any form of exercise helps reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.”

The Washington Post’s column didn’t sit well with critics on Twitter, who blasted the outlet for years for confirming what most of the public had known since the start of the pandemic. Others pointed to the column as a vindication for gym owners who have denied a lock to keep businesses open during the outbreak.

Jason Nichols, facilities operations manager, cleans equipment at Life Time Biltmore as it opens for business after being closed due to the coronavirus Monday, May 18, 2020, in Phoenix.

Jason Nichols, facilities operations manager, cleans equipment at Life Time Biltmore as it opens for business after being closed due to the coronavirus Monday, May 18, 2020, in Phoenix.
(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin))


“I’m repeating myself, but we’re in 20 years of studying Covid like this that confirms the obvious,” wrote The Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross.

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“You, as always, are on top. Great job,” said reporter Paul Thacker.

“We know this. Staying active and a nutritious diet leads to good health and a strong immune system. Florida has said this from the beginning, even when it was not popular or accepted among the public health establishment, Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin responded.

“Hey, @ChristinaPushaw…remember when the left said you were “shameful” when you shared this two years ago?” Ron DeSantis’ deputy press secretary, Jeremy Redfern.

“Ban gyms or order everyone to wear masks,” Townhall columnist Derek Hunter warned users.

“Is it the exercise they do, or are people who exercise generally healthier? Bet on the latter,” said podcaster Noam Blum.

Former Capitol police officer Chris Palombi responded to “New learning” with a laughing emoji.

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“But the government and health directors ignore the importance of sports and health by shutting down gyms, swimming pools, and recreation centers all in the name of $cience ™,” he wrote.


“It used to be a conspiracy theory,” conservative commentator Harrison Krank agreed.

Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith

Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith
(Fox News)

Another user called on New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith, who was jailed for reopening for defying Democratic Governor Phil Murphy’s stay-at-home order, to take legal action against the state.

Smith has insisted in multiple Fox News appearances that Americans are not healthier because of public health guidance, and has blamed flawed public health policies for contributing to the obesity crisis in the US.


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