Weight loss tips: Follow these do’s and don’t by Rujuta Diwekar to stay healthy

It is important to control weight and keep it optimal to reduce the risk of several lifestyle diseases. The road to weight loss certainly isn’t easy, but every pound is worth the wait. We must remember that dieting or exercising for weight loss does not mean starving yourself and indulging in aggressive workouts. It means finding the right balance between caloric intake and regular physical activity. Apart from that, people often indulge in wrong ways to lose weight and end up jeopardizing their happiness. It’s time to try some healthy weight loss tips!

How to lose weight the healthy way

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to social media to share some weight loss dos and don’ts ahead of the holidays. Let’s find out!

Weight Loss Tips: 5 tips to shed extra pounds

1. Don’t make weight loss your only project

Weight loss shouldn’t be the only goal we’re trying to achieve. Like many other things, weight loss should be a part of our lives and not the only project we have.

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Weight Loss Tips
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2. Don’t view the adjustment period as a failure

As we kick-start our weight-loss journey, chances are our bodies will show little to no response to lifestyle changes over the coming days or weeks (maybe even 12 weeks). It’s important to note that many people give up during this time. However, we should understand our body and be aware that it takes time to adapt.

3. Don’t make exercise a punishment

Physical activity is an essential part of the weight loss journey. While most people see exercise as a form of punishment, a daily workout should be filled with fun and experimentation to keep your motivation high.

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4. Don’t make eating a crime

This is again one of the most important tips for losing weight. People end up starving themselves when they are on a weight loss journey. It’s important to note that in order to see effective results, we should simply pay more attention to what we eat.

5. Don’t track every step, calorie, or pound

People tend to obsess over every calorie burned, every pound they lose and track the number of steps taken. Keep yourself and your mind clear and relaxed as you work towards losing weight.

Weight Loss Tips
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5 weight loss tips: what you need to do to reduce fat

1. Eat according to your appetite

Feed your body what it needs. Don’t skimp on food if weight loss is your goal. Eat according to your body’s needs for better results.

2. Take time to exercise

Sometimes laziness hits us and keeps us from completing our regular workouts. Slap inactivity right in the face and hit the gym.

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3. Make it a point to sleep on time

At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day is necessary for the repair and proper functioning of the body. Correct your irregular sleep pattern to sleep on time every night.

4. Keep sustainability in mind with every choice

Stick loyally to your goals and keep them sustainable. If you choose to exercise every day, make it your mission to do so no matter what.

Weight Loss Tips
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5. Enjoy it

Continue to enjoy every aspect of a fulfilling life – friends, family, travel, work, etc.

Remember, weight loss is an aspect of your life. Don’t make it your whole thing to forget to enjoy other parts of your life that bring you joy.

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