What You Need To Know About Expedition Mutators

New World It was Amazon’s first foray into the MMORPG genre, and while it looked like a promising start, it quickly hit a rocky road. As many players left due to various aspects of the overall game, Amazon began to revamp the game, releasing patches and updates that would eventually change it, forcing the remaining players to stay and new ones to join.

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One of the updates New World Acquired mutations were addn. These improvements to Expeditions are part of the endgame activities that players can enjoy, making their gameplay more challenging and rewarding. Here’s everything players need to know about mutations.

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What is Expedition Mutator?

Expedition information panel changed in the New World

Modifiers replace normal and named enemies that players are familiar with in Expeditions by augmenting them in some way. Encounters with these enemies will change, changing how players plan their strategies before entering battle.

If an expedition is changed, it becomes a more challenging version. A Mutant Expedition has ten levels of difficulty, each with a different number of mutants. Each difficulty level has a recommended gear score that players should take into account before embarking on a modified expedition. Their success depends heavily on it. Each week, two different expeditions rotate, and rewards increase with each level, including the number of Umbrella Shorts players receive.

Accessing Transferred Expeditions

Vanilla Expedition Information Panel in the New World

To gain access to the modified Expedition, players must first successfully complete the vanilla version of the Expedition. Upon completion, they will receive a codex that allows them to enter the first difficulty level of the modified Expedition. Once they complete the first level of Mutant Expedition, the codex difficulty level automatically increases by 1, allowing them to access the second level of difficulty. It progresses until the final stage is reached.

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Alternatively, players can be invited to join a modified expedition by a player who already has access. After completing a modded expedition, the player will receive a codex for a difficulty level higher than their previous access level, regardless of which difficulty level they played on. For example, if they join a mutant expedition on difficulty level 5 but only have access to level 1 personally, their codex will increase to level 2 upon completion.

Scoring in a modified outing

Changed Expedition Score in New World

Players earn a score that is shared among the group once they complete a Mutant Expedition. This will determine their rank and rewards. Bronze is awarded if less than 25,000 points. Silver is awarded for 25,000 to 49,999 points and Gold for 50,000+ points. Silver rank is required to advance to the next level of Mutant Expedition.

Various factors determine the overall score. The team must work together to ensure that as many points as possible are collected, paying close attention to the following factors:

  • Response: When a player dies, the score is reduced moderately
  • Team Wipes: Each team wipe during a boss encounter will significantly reduce the score
  • Time: Counted at the end of the run, the faster the run, the better the score
  • AI Kills: A target value for the expected number of kills in Mutant Expedition

Different mutations

Expedition information panel changed in the New World

Depending on the difficulty level of the Mutant Expedition, there will be a different number of Mutants at work. At difficulty levels 1 through 5, only elemental mutations are active. In stages 6 to 8, base and promoter mutations are active. For levels 9 and 10, base, promotions, and curse types are active.

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Before entering a mutant expedition, players can review the status information screen to see what mutants are active. It will advise them if they are at the appropriate level with their gear to achieve success. Players should note any warning messages received at this point before proceeding further.

Base mutations

A war in the new world

Elemental Mutations change the gameplay of Expedition by infusing enemies with an elemental force. They can deal that base damage and have high resistance to it.

Possible base mutations that can occur in the mutational pathway include:

  • Eternal: Imbues enemies with a vacuum
  • Overgrown: Nature emphasizes damage and resistance
  • IceCount: Adds Ice Elemental effects to enemy damage
  • Hellfire: Adds fire element to enemies
  • Savagery: Emphasizes physical damage

Promotions are mutations

A war in the new world

Ads take things to a whole new level by giving enemies even more powerful new abilities on the go. These skills can make things more challenging for players.

Advertisements in the modified Expedition include:

  • Suppression: Adds the abilities of Mental Drain and Tranquility Zones
  • Invincible: Enemies use life-stealing abilities to escape damage and the player can summon a protective phalanx that blocks projectiles.
  • Savagery: Mobs can cast healing reduction and damage beams around themselves

Curse Mutations

A war in the new world

Curses add more challenge to the altered journey by inflicting handicaps on players. The group must come together to overcome the effects of the curse to succeed in the altered journey. On more challenging difficulties, players will experience empowered curses, making things even more difficult.

Possible curses on an altered journey include:

  • Frenzy: Deceptive players are affected by this curse, and it deals damage over time. At its maximum stack, it will damage nearby players
  • Fiendish: Sets its sights at night
  • Dessicated: Occasionally, players will burn with elemental energy. Once empowered, cursed players must be cleansed so they can get close to the burning player
  • Censored: Players’ abilities turn against them

New World Available now on PC.

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