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London is preparing for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, the speaker of the US House of Representatives is taking sides in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, and while exhumations are taking place in Izium, riots are raging in Russian-held Kherson. This and much more can be found in the Sunday edition of World News.

Last homage to the late monarch

TVP World’s special correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska is in London, where a massive security operation is underway as world leaders gather for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens are still waiting in line to say goodbye to Britain’s legendary monarch.

The royal funeral on Monday

Klaudia Czerwińska was joined by TVP World’s Aleksandra Marchewicz, who prepared a report on the upcoming funeral service and the security measures involved. With world leaders coming to London for the occasion, security arrangements are particularly challenging given the current security situation in Europe.

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Discussion on freezing EU funds for Hungary

The European Commission has recommended to the European Council to activate the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget for Hungary. This would mean suspending around €7.5 billion in EU funds to Budapest amid allegations of systemic corruption.

Spokeswoman Pelosi condemns Azerbaijani aggression by Armenia

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is visiting Armenia this weekend, has condemned Azerbaijan’s recent attack on Armenian territory. The two countries have a long history of clashes in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, with Russia’s waning influence in the region emboldening Turkey’s ally Azerbaijan to use force against its neighbor.

The exhumations at Izium continue

TVP World’s special Ukraine correspondent Don Arleth reported from Izium, where bodies are being exhumed of civilians who died there under Russian occupation. More evidence of Russian atrocities in the occupied territories is emerging every day.

Clashes in Kherson

There was an exchange of fire with armored vehicles in the occupied city of Kherson. The exact circumstances of the incident remain vague, with Russians claiming Ukrainian forces were involved, while Ukrainian officials suspected tensions between Russian army units and mercenary groups may have sparked the violence.

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East Asia hit by natural disasters

An earthquake hit Taiwan, causing minor damage. Meanwhile, Japan is bracing for a particularly powerful typhoon that is about to make landfall in its southwestern regions.

Vistula Spit Canal in operation

Sea traffic through the newly opened Vistula Peak Canal has now started. The waterway opened on Saturday and will allow ships to access a number of Polish seaports without crossing Russian territorial waters.

Poland and the USA: brothers in arms

Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak inaugurated the Freedom Road project in Warsaw. It is a Polish-American initiative aimed at commemorating the long history of mutual engagement in the struggle for freedom of both nations.

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A piece of Poland

New Yorkers can get a glimpse of Poland and its culture without ever leaving America. Mateusz Baran reported from the Big Apple, where a film festival is currently taking place.

Guest of the world news

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era for Britain – and in many ways for the world. With the loss of its beloved monarch, Britain faces the challenge of maintaining its soft power influence around the globe. Can King Charles III. successfully carry on his mother’s legacy? Who wants the monarchy to succeed and who wants it to fail? Robert Pszczel, former head of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, was invited as a guest of TVP World to shed more light on the matter.


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