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Only in the male reproductive system is the prostate gland, a small endocrine gland located between the penis and bladder, close to the urethra. These muscle glands help in the production of semen and their distinctive muscle makeup can stimulate the movement of semen during ejaculation.

The male urinary system as well as reproductive health depends on the health of the prostate where a disorder known as BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia is characterized by abnormal growth of the prostate gland. Along with prostate cancer, it is said to be the most common prostate problem among men where symptoms of BPH usually appear after the age of 40.

According to statistics, up to 85% of men over the age of 85 have an enlarged prostate and there are 14 million men with benign prostatic hyperplasia in the US. The number of cases is approaching 30 million on a global scale.

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Institute, Himalayan Yoga Ashram and World Yoga Organization, revealed, “The natural aging process is considered to be the cause of prostate enlargement. This would explain the many cases reported globally, especially in older men. more than 80. The exact cause of BPH is still a mystery but according to research, it occurs as a result of the aging process and hormonal changes that occur during this stage of life.

Talking about Yoga can be beneficial, he said, “No one disputes the results of many scientific studies on the benefits of Yoga. This old technique concentrates on improving health and improving all aspects of life. Regular Yoga exercises can be good for physical and mental health. Yoga’s ability to help people fight prostate enlargement (BPH) is not surprising. Yoga will first help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can help symptoms improve. You can anticipate better bladder control, which will reduce the severity of BPH symptoms. you.

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He recommends the following Yoga Therapy:

1. Virasana (Hero Pose)

Virasana (Hero Pose) (Twitter/yogatailor)
Virasana (Hero Pose) (Twitter/yogatailor)

manner: Your knees should be bent, and your toes should be pointing back as you sit between your legs. For additional support, you can sit on top of a pillow. Keep your spine long and place your hands, palms down, on your thighs. Don’t let your knees bear the weight; stay on the hips. As you continue to stand, you can do Kegel exercises. Roll to one side and relax your legs to come out of the pose.

2. Baddha Konasana (Carpenter Pose)

Baddha Konasana or Cobbler Pose or bound angle pose (Instagram/indirajoga)
Baddha Konasana or Cobbler Pose or bound angle pose (Instagram/indirajoga)

manner: Your legs should be out in front when you sit. For more hip support, you can sit on the edge of a pillow. Place the soles of your feet together while bending your knees to the side. To deepen the stretch, pull the heel towards the body; to shrink about, move away. You can entwine your fingers and place them under the edge of the foot on the pinky toe. After a while, drop your chin to form a forward fold, walk your hands forward, and round your spine. Focus on relaxing and releasing tension as you breathe deeply. Walk your hands up and extend your legs in front of you to release your stance.

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Himalaya Siddhaa Akshar concluded, “Stress reduction is a key component of Yoga for prostate hypertrophy. Few people know that stress increases the risk of BPH. Urinary incontinence symptoms can only get worse if you are constantly worried. In men with prostate cancer, yoga has also been shown to reduce symptoms brought on by these treatments.Yoga is a simple and effective approach to feeling healthier and more relaxed by reducing stress levels.


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